DJ Premier’s Protege, Torii Wolf Kicks a Dope Freestyle

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  1. people act like rappers come in OFF THE TOP OF THE HEAD and kill this. Her vocals are crazy, that's why Hip-Hop is in the state it's in, were picking up white man mentality, unify. Again how many rappers have come in with UNWRITTEN shit, in other words respected the mic and went off the top, only a few did and fewer killed it.

  2. I never comment on these videos but this was so bad I would like to never hear anything like it again. Thanks sway and much love hip hop.

  3. Sway will let anybody on the mic. SMH!!! All she did was breath heavy on the Mic & mumble. If a black person came on with this shit they would've been laughed out the building. Why are white people held to a lower expectation/standard? Why?

  4. I'm like ok, she gonna hit da verse right after her orgasm….
    Than it ends n I'm like "wtf was that" 😂😂😂 I'm a music lover but that was just awkward Sway

  5. I hate to be negative but I have to question DJ Premier's taste level on anything but rap music. This is horrible. her "melting witch"/fake Bjork sounding vocals and his percussion do not mix. I've listened to some of her other stuff and I feel like I'm being duped into hearing that this is dope. There is a huge disconnect between what she does and what he does. Some of the Christina Aguilera tracks worked especially "Thank You" and "Ain't No Other Man" to a lesser extent but to be honest, (and I'm a huge DJ Premier fan) he didn't do the best tracks on Back To Basics side 1. Kwame ripped a track on there and some lesser known producers made some impactful tracks. Torii Wolf is someone I will pass on.

  6. I've just had a quick listen to some of her other shit and I don't think Primo production is right for vocals. she's talented but nothing new really.

  7. hard to not say anything negative, sway what was dope about this? For a culture head like yourself to co sign this, leaves a lot to be desired, no thank you I'll pass.

  8. DJ Premier has officially had his hip hop card revoked!!!!! Fuck outta here with this bullshit. Guru must be turning in his grave right now. Sway… don't you ever in your life fake it in front of these lames for the cameras. Cut it out my nigga. I could see it in your face. We have enough fake muthafuckas in hip hop. So many talented artist out here just looking for an opportunity to be heard, that I'm sure have tried getting on your show but because an "artist" has a strong connection to cosign for them, you're quick to bring their wack asses up in here?! Bruh…. you're no better than the fucking mainstream music industry with those tactics. I'm sorry Sway… but you should have actually listened to this dumpster fire's work before letting her on the damn show. Because you looked befuddled my G. This is fucking embarrassing. Basuda! Someone call waste management immediately! 🚮♻

    btw… thanks for selling hip hop out even more with this nonsense. Anymore rubbish and tomfoolery like this my nigga and you can go fuck yourself along with the "culture" that you claim to love. All of these muthafuckas are selling themselves and whoring themselves for the industry. Sad shit. "That was dope" ….fuck outta here! You know you're terrible when an urban dude is wearing a pearl jam shirt, and starts to pull his phone out and completely ignores what's going on. Look at dudes face when she starts "singing" …..he starts looking around for something to do. Probably googling the suicide hotline number. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀

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