DJ Quik – You’z A Ganxta (Official Video)

DJ Quik – You’z A Ganxta (Official Video)

Music video by DJ Quik performing You’z A Ganxta. (C) 1998 Arista Records, Inc.

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  1. I love when he respects to biggie and pac DJ Quik the most underrated rap artist of the 90 g funk/ Gangsta era and the message after the song is underrated too

  2. This nigga raised us wit his flow and production and game and yall niggas act like yall dont no where yall got it from. Even I fell victim to not realizing how much shit he influence so check your self and look back

  3. He is EXTREMELY talented, but Kurupt would rap circles around this nigga in a straight freestyle. Kurupt is the most lyrical on the West coast and should have had way more recognition over Snoop, but politics always trump the obvious and the most well deserved.

  4. "See some don't realize the power of lyrics
    'cause when you rap about death you talkin' to spirits
    You see you can say the things that can help us all ball
    or you can say things that make it bad for us all"

  5. DJQ is just really real….I love this brother…You a gangster…No I'm not..😂..On a side note Summer Breeze, I get chills when I hear it… Reminds me of Hawaii…

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