DJ RIZ | #5MinutesOfFunk013 | #TurnTableTuesday97

DJ Riz kills the turntables on 5 Minutes of Funk.
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  1. Think about it flex has forgotten more songs than you can you can remember
    Players f-up
    You had to be a real hiphop head to know some of these song and samples
    Great mix something different from the normal dj mix
    I loved it

  2. You can't possibly know every song that was made or sampled. Grow up because that's the sign of a good DJ to make you guess what that and wonder what's coming up next.

  3. Finally I've heard rare mixes that I've never heard before. On the real, I get so tired of the same ol song selection from DJs. DJ Riz, you're the best I've heard so far. You had me wondering what was next and I'm impressed my brother. Thank you.

  4. Been DJing for 35 years and I always hear classics that i've never heard before. It's a pleasure seeing Flex listening to another DJ spin the unknown.

  5. Anyone notice that he was DJing Pre mixed work. I mean he mixed it but a lot of the loops were running without him actually hitting the loop cue or getting them out of the loop. He mixed them before he got to the station. I could only imagine how clean this would of been if he had no pre mix

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