DJ Sarah Love – Soul Power Cypher (ft Chester P, Sonnyjim, Ramson Badbonez & Skandal) At Carharrt!

The first installment of the ‘Soul Power Cypher’, Big ups Sarah Love & all that took part. 12th March 2010

You can veiw the next show @ http://www.spinetv .net/video/soul-power


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  1. Switch accounting what's that cost him,
    Flip that round and thank the profit
    do we really measure worth in what were keeping in our wallets
    Or is it little more than that, claw a little Get some back
    Work for what it's worth then Get taxed on top of all of that

    Nah Tax the top, all of that. Artifacts give em back. Charge the rich 10% of their callat, they'll live with that
    Chester P for mayor fam. Best believe the way I am ain't due to sex and drugs violence filmed upon a shakey cam

    Conditionings a funny thing some will say you mould your kids
    Others blame the government, religion and Well anything
    The truth of it,it's everything you can’t control what’s not controlled
    And that it's ruled on anything
    Ruled above everything

    This ain't gundom. This ain't gangland this is little more than fandem
    Likkle mandem tryna americize their ends into that bang bang
    You were blue and i wear and red so yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah lets bang them
    Nah it really ain't that time fam really really aint that time fam

  2. Ramson badbones kills shit, they all do but especially Chester n ransom n sonny Jim spat nuff bars too, who was the mc after chester n b4 Ramson badbones. That Aint kyza smurrnoff or iz there 2 kyza's in the uk hip hop scene, the one that I've heard is part of Terra Firma, Klashnekof's crew???? Can anyone tell me who the second last mc is on thw cypher plz.thnx.

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