DJ Snoopadelic Ray-Ban x Boiler Room 010 Los Angeles DJ Set

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► True West Coast OG Snoop Dogg — or rather, DJ Snoopadelic — taking it back to basics with a golden hour of nothing but funk, soul & boogie.


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  1. I get the feeling that some of you dont understand whats going on. Snoop is playing old skool joints from the 70s and 80s. The venue is that of a skating rink. Hes recreating a very specific time and era. When roller staking was popular in the 70s. And look at what some of the girls are wearing, hot pants and tube socks. Two staples of that era. This isnt about his skills as a DJ. This is about him guiding us to a bygone era he was a part of. The music, the venue, this is as close to stepping into the 70s and early 80s as we can get. If you didnt live it, then i dont expect you to understand. Hes recreating the milieu. This was a very real time in American history. This is about stepping back in time. Some of you dont seem to realize that.

  2. You can tell he knows his shit when it comes down to picking the tunes but I'm very surprised he doesn't have a hommie around to tell him a few tips about being a solid pro DJ, he doesn't know what is to feel the mix, get in on the downbeat and blending eq's in a musical consistent way. A bit disappointed with the laziness.

  3. The emperor has no clothes on; but the masses cheer a solid MC who should stick to the mic. Snoop sounding like a dj wanna-be Paris Hilton. Spare me the typical: the legend doesn't need to beat-match OR even drop on the 1; he's putting out a vibe! Ridiculous argument. If some no-name dj did the same thing everyone would be dissing. Only a few people agree with me. A low point for Boiler Room. They could've chosen L.A.'s infamous 'Battle Cats' OR 100 other notable old school DJ's that blew up the scene in Los Angeles long ago. Picking nice songs does not make u a dj. Snoop is not a DJ. Amazed by so many people clapping like blind circus seals at this over-rated & commercialized hype. If they were set on a big name; why not Dre or Dj Quick???

  4. alot of bitches in here not knowing snoop got his music tight like ur momma back in 86 fools talking like you know how to dj hahaha man he been in a booth for more years than some talking been around ffs

  5. Great track selection from Snoop. Perfect for roller disco vibes. I'm pretty impressed. Not that bothered about his technical abilities, he set the vibe perfectly.

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