DJ Wax On – G Funk Era Mix

DJ Wax On – G Funk Era Mixtape

DJ Wax On. G Funk Era



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  1. I was 13yrs old and my 1st girl friend bought me the Dogg Food & Regulate album. Those were my very own 1st albums…I used to be Daz and my friend was Kurupt. We rapped it all.🤣🇿🇦

  2. This is fucking awesome literally the best thing I heard in my life I bounce when i hear this makes my bad day better such a good vibe the sound really takes you you have no choice but to go with and it's a good decision FUCKING LOVE THIS HOUR I want more WAX ON WAX MORE ON PLEASE

  3. This is why I can give two shits about being stuck in my era of Rap…'cause it has impeccable samples, meaningful, lyrical integrity and beats that hit you so hard you feel no pain!

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