DJ Yuto (Japan) – DMC 2016 Winning Performance

Rane presents:
DJ Yuto (Japan) – DMC World DJ Championships 2016
Winning performance filmed live at the o2 Forum Kentish Town, Saturday 24th September


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  1. Just discovered a guy called JFB, he does what this guy does with dnb records, 10 times better , respect to yuto, but when I watch him, mincing about, spinning round like a fairy pressing buttons, wanna strangle him lol, try to like him, just can't,

    Check jfb, all the skills ,no arrogance,!

  2. About 20 years ago we had wack ass needle dropping with skipless records.. Now we got wack ass needle dropping on on digital in relative mode!

    This wackness is celebrated as great. No wonder the scene is garbage.

  3. ผมว่าถ้าดีแน้นให้เสียงชัดคำอีกนิดคงดีนะบางช่วงมันไม่เด่นนะเสียงสระไลนะไม่ว้าวไม่เย่ไม่ยั่วไม่โยไม่ดีโด้แบบนี้

  4. Guys, I'm all for efforts, skills, scratch etc. I gotta ask…. What the fuck did I just watch? This is dmc my arse. Yes. Time = evolution but if you guys know anything? Watch his left deck 60 % of this set. The vinyl doesn't actually do anything bar spin. As in its partially fake. No I'm not hating, I watch all the classic djs as well as new. Some old are stunning, some are terrible …same with new djs. But this? This is just shocking. Lose the fucking bank buttons, lose the cunting laptops!!! Keep all the old and new djs but bring back 2 channels + a fader and 2 or more vinyls. This digital age bullshit is just horrible… I just mean.. what the fuck like.

  5. People saw this, dissed it, then went over to his Goldie routine and praised it. Lol bottom line is this guy is very good. Red bull, dmc, or Goldie

  6. たしかにけんたろうっぽいとか、全然ヒップホップじゃないとかいうのもわからなくもないけど、それでも世界一になるってのはすごいこと

  7. @DMC did he custom map his mixer half way
    Though his set he is changing key using the load buttons or is he just loading new wavs each time

  8. No offense.. but how got he champion? I mean.. Its boring, just show off with a weird "story" and choice of music. The real good part comes at 4:40..

  9. I can recognize his skill and talent to create sound and actually be flawless to some degree, but there are times that I can't stand some of his tracks, most of which sound like the windows XP error being looped to infinity and some weird robotic sounds. Nevertheless he keeps finding a way to somehow reduce how it sounds being robotic to melodious

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