DMX – Give Up The Goods (Freestyle)

Funkmaster Flex – 60 Minutes Of Funk Volume III


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  1. “I been off the deep end since I was semen that’s why now I️m suck a motha fuckin demon screaming my bloody head off shit on my mind I gots to get off” like this man pen game was really sharp

  2. SiCk SICK fkn track of the bat! This Hit I sho0t A Sh0t 0ut to my HomeGirl Vanessa aka FOXIE R.I.P APRIL 2015 L.A CALI CALI STATE MURDA..! AND Homegirl Myra aka Ladiee fr0m The KOBRAS BELL GARDENS L.A CALI R.I.P Nov 2015

  3. DMX best freestyler i ever heard in the game jay-z lame af fr doe DMX a real lyricst and better than Jay-Z on everythang Im 18 i had dmx Great depression album And Then There Was X on everythang X was killin it back then Jay-Z fans dick riding X harder Than Jay

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