Dope D.O.D. – Psycho (Kill me sum mo)

Dope D.O.D. – Psycho (Kill me sum mo)
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Produced by: Peter Songolo & ProducedbyEZRA
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Im a demon on the loose / your neck in my noose / niggaz tried to kill the Goat / now ima kill tha goose / screws loose i just shoot / booz choose Grey Goose / move move or get boot / salute my troops and get loot / lets get it straight / theres no hope no faith no sake / bitches gettin #%*! in a lake / turn into a missing case / missplaced, stripped face / i need a bitch like Miss Bates / i get head / she give brain / i splitt head / she bash brain like / Bang! / i need to kill me some mo give me cocaine / insane in the membrane i got no shame / Lui Kang i shoot flames right threw your Dame / No pain No gain now let it Rain!

Skits Vicious:
I’m a devil in disguise a rebel on the rise / if you try to kill my high then imma kill ya hype / brain gone I just blast…shoot ask questions last / cane case leg cast…amputate and decapitate / let’s get it straight…there’s no way to change your fate / faggots getting fucked with a spade / dumped into a shallow grave / hit em with some that’ll sizzle they’re longs / chizzle the young to incredible scum / fill em with rum to the beat of the drum / I’m a leader to them then I give em a gun like BANG!!! / I need to kill me some more give me your change / or get your parents slain just like Bruce Wayne / Hussain terrorist I’ll bomb your train / sharp fang, fresh vain, now let it drain…

Dope D.O.D. is a Dutch hip hop crew that puts strong vocal lines on heavy aggressive beats. The group consists of Skits Vicious & Jay Reaper. Their sound can be described as a new realm of hardcore hip hop with classic styles and Electronic sounds (dubstep, trap, drill) thrown in the mix. After the release of their debut video What Happened (20 million views on YouTube) their international career took off. Leading to sold out shows and performances at the biggest Festivals in Europe where they’ve shared stages with Cypress Hill, Method Man, Redman, Snoop Dogg, KoRn, Limp Bizkit, Die Antwoord, A$AP ROCKY, Onyx, Skrillex and Danny Brown. The group also played the infamous SXSW festival in the United States and scored a deal for their first album (Branded) with Duck Down Records. So far the group has won an EBBA award and released 3 albums (Branded, Da Roach, Master Xploder) and 2 EP’s (The Evil EP, The Ugly EP).


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  1. Dope DOD has to go back to what they used to do…
    Their new songs are not even close to Branded or Da Roach. Just look at the youtube views :/

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