Drake Emotional After Game 5 & Promises Raptors NBA Finals Appearance!

Drake Emotional After Game 5 & Promises Raptors NBA Finals Appearance! Raptors vs Bucks Game 5 2019 NBA Playoffs | May 23, 2019 NBA Season

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  1. In my book, fanatics like him doesn't have any place…..we created this and all, what a sucker he is talking about…..Create something for the poor and needy and I'll be there to support you….what is the need to be a drama queen of Raptors, when all the players are rich and earning well…..mother fucker like you are useless….Haters like me will be there to confront you….Drake come to my place and I'll kick your filthy ass…

  2. Drake is nothing more than a glorified cheerleader, Adam Silver needs to step in and reign in this clown, it’s getting out of hand, taunting players and rubbing the Raptors coach shoulders,this needs to stop, it’s a god damn shit show

  3. Fans of Raptors if U want to Win against Bucks & take the Championship from D Warriors' STOP inviting that Fucking Curse Drake ..

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