A chill rainy lofi mix in Tokyo, Japan.
🎧 Lo-fi/Chillhop Jazz beats mix 🎧
Sleep & Chill mix

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0:00 Taiyo Ky – the train ride home

3:04 〘 E I S U 〙 – Trauerfall (with tzelun)

6:08 Ambulo – Overseas And Alone

8:17 ihaveaface – Bloom (with Sebastian Kamae)

10:38 kael – for her

12:13 Ambulo – Mellow Head

14:30 kibishi – time’s arrow

16:51 Intoku – Omw.

Artwork by @@owakita_

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  1. this is my absolute favorite mix. I play it in school, when i walk, before I sleep, just to fill in the empty spaces. I literally can't go a day without listening to it, thank you

  2. Imagine that you are in the Streets of Tokyo, Sakura leaves are falling down on you , you keep walking until you see a cat. You see it in pain you couldn’t resist but take it to the vet , when you got to the vet she got lots of treatments. She was diagnosed with a lot of broken bones. You just couldn’t handle it from the first time you saw the kitten. You felt she’s the pet that I wanted in years. You bought cat food, A bed and another cat supplies. You decide to name it “kimmy”. Yes kimmy that’s a good name! You said to yourself. You put The kitten into bed, she was cozy and warm, she was happy to see her new home. Man…, I’m lucky these days..

  3. So if you're in the comment section for one of these videos, then you're obviously in the introspective, deep mood so here's a true story for y'all…

    At the beginning of year 10 (or 9th grade for others), I was low in self – esteem and I wished I could be more to someone than a friend. And it got to a point where I began to lose faith in carrying – very sad and it seems very pointless of course but keep reading. One day, I got added into a group of people in my grade, some were friends, others were people that I haven't talked to at all. It was a mix of girls and boys so it didn't seem so boring, so I stayed in it and chatted with the group. Before I knew it, I was close friends with each of them, and they were with me; we became an extremely close group that'd meet up after school and chat and mess about for hours each day… I loved every second of it. But of course, there was one girl in the group that stood out for me. She just seemed so… unique. But I didn't instantly fall in love, it gradually arose onto me and I did not stop it. So we started talking more, just us two. I've never felt so strong for someone before and I've never been this much to someone either… and that was my mistake: being head over heels until stupidity. Finally, after another few months of talking, I nervously asked her out and we became a thing. I felt so happy to be wanted and I also therefore poured my heart into this relationship. We started strong, but then came a rollercoaster of emotion. For the first two months, we were happy, and she supported me in my passion of photography. But then, she started to reveal her true colours: she was a reckless, smoker, drinker and just slept around. At first, I fought it and denied it, which led to me losing a grip on my passion and I devoted my everything to her… but then she began to fight back, until finally (after 360 days of going out) she did something which made us break up.
    However, only then did I realise… I wasted more than a year of my life to her only for her to take it for granted. So I immediately got back into my passion, and now I'm striving.

    So there's a little lesson for all of you: Keep your eyes on the prize and don't let other things cloud your vision.
    I love you all and I hope everything is going well with you 🙂

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