Drifting – Lofi Hip Hop Beat

This beat has been sold. But make sure to check out the rest of my channel for more free for profit use beats!

BPM: 90
KEY: Emin

Stream my beats on:
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2u4ZS7R
Apple Music: https://apple.co/2GIxb8j


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  1. You are mad talented, I love your songs!! But dude, people are out here copyrighting your tracks doe!! Doesn't it affect you? Monetisation wise, I mean, u don't know much about it but it sure is fucked up that it gets slapped with a copyright that isn't you!! While you made it, and I think the other person can monetise and make $$, I dunno if it's anything you'd look into but it makes me mad on your behalf and everyone out here that works hard to keep their quality stuff free.. And all the broke creators out here relying on good quality free beats like yours to grow!! One love.

  2. Just dropped a song to this beat recently, and as well another check them both out at this channel. Plus follow my social media accounts to stay in the loop on upcoming music, links in bio of vids! Appreciate it Riddiman ain’t no one like you out there dawg stay up and keep hustling!

  3. late nights on the street
    can’t find anyone to meet

    why can’t anyone see?
    whats happening to me?

    needin support
    needin common ground

    whens that gonna come around?

    need a friend, but i cant trust no one.

    people love to hurt eachother for fun.

    stuck in this world.
    no way out.

    give me a way
    give me a way!
    give me a way!
    give me away..

  4. Hey Your stuff is so good just been checking it out, any chance anyone could look at my work and let me know what you think maybe a sub? I make cover song and original music 🙂

  5. Hey Riddiman I made a song with one of your Beats Can I post it on SoundCloud or is it only YouTube that’s allowed. I’ll credit you and everything I just want to make sure that I’m allowed to do that

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