Dub Dynasty & Ras Tinny – Monsoon Come (Acoustic Version!) #streetdub

Greetings one and all! #streetdub is back! This is the first new video I’ve published this year. For a time I’ve been encouraging others to live more sustainably, for physical health, mental wealth and the well-being of the planet. This year I decided to stop talking about it and just try it myself, so I’m now living up in the hills and working towards self-sufficiency. I’ve spent my whole life in the city and living in the bush is a challenge, but slowly (very slowly) I am adapting and laying my roots. I don’t say this to impress you, but to hopefully demonstrate that if I can do it, then anybody can! I don’t know my potato from my tomato, I’m more accustomed to self-service checkouts, high speed broadband, weekly Wednesday bin collections, 24 hour buses, central heating and Netflix. I know certain lifestyle sacrifices aren’t really intuitive, but it seems quite clear that if we want to avoid human extinction and large-scale ecological collapse we’ll have to make some changes. Sacrifice is scary, but behind the veneer of trepidation hides a much greater bounty, our collective reward in this case is probably that our children and their children will have a chance to exist on a living planet. I have no idea what I’m doing, but fortunately there are many who do, in the forums, on YouTube and in the dance I’ve found many people who have helped and inspired me. I’ve been astounded to see the number of people, especially young people, who are working towards sustainable living. To live ‘consciously’, or to be mindful about your environmental impact doesn’t necessarily mean you have to grow a beard and move to the mountains, there are diverse day-to-day changes you can make, causes you can support and movements you can join. Even if you make a tiny lifestyle change each day, after one year you’ve made 365 changes which amount to a big shift. If you want to grow, you don’t necessarily need land, with urban farming you can find your eden in the garden, backyard, on the allotment or a tower block rooftop. The future is uncertain, but let’s at least try to leave the Earth in a better condition than we found it. Meanwhile, I’m gonna plant my cabbages, make music and try to understand and follow the three basic principles of permaculture; look out for others, share fairly and of course, take care of the Earth.

Song: Dub Dynasty & Ras Tinny – Monsoon Come (Acoustic Version!)
Recorded live by Alpha Steppa ft. Nai-Jah, Don Fe & Nacho Sax – July 2019
Thanks to Nía for filming!

#steppas #streetdub #leavingbabylon


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Comment (27)

  1. All my respect amazing vibes with your acoustic team. Wish lot of love and success for your new Hill'life <3 Permaculture is an hope for everyone

  2. Big big big up love this and big thanks for sharing with us, come do an impromptu in Kintbury, set yourself down on the Kennet & Avon

  3. Yes Rastas beautiful. Read your article below and have to give you so much respect for trying sustainable living. We behind you all the way.
    One Love ♥️🙈🙉🙊♥️

  4. Unfortunatly or hopefolly i would like to grow a beard and live in the mountains. Dem trees and birds can do no harm, like people do. You who make music, since is essential also for living, at least dont sell yourselves to money and buiseness. Only buiseness should be the good for all the people.

  5. I'm also trying to get as aware and eco-friendly as possible, but we need to press harder on industries and big businesses to make the masses consume less harmful… Meanwhile I'll be hearing this awesome tune underwater (at least in my head) while doing coral reef restoration… 🌎🎶🎷✌️💙

  6. si tu fais un jardin comme tu fais ta musique, celui ci va être beau ;-). je te souhaite pleins de bonnes découvertes pour ton nouveaux départ . dans cette voie tu vas trouver ton équilibre, avec beaucoup de force et de courage et de patience. mais il y aura toujours tes guides et autre énergie bienveillantes pour t 'aider . et ns y parviendrons ! pleins amour et de bonheur à toi et à tes proches .

  7. Respect you for making this change, I'm trying to reach that same place you are, release myself & my family from this system were stuck in. Live a Sebi way of life up in the hills with my german shepherds. Fiyahhh song bro.

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