Dunn D – Line In The Sand

The new joint from Tasmanian veteran Dunn D, dropped as a thank you for 1000 fans on FB (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dunn-D/176490782404190).

Beat produced by Da Vinci. Clip filmed & edited by MD. Lighting by Nick Brown.


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Comment (24)

  1. schhhmick everythin' ….. u and the other 7 artists i heard 2day should tee uppa gig,in brisbox, before halloween!! breathe life and vibe bak in2 the valley bigety-time mr wolf, plus(+) I'm stingin' ta burn tha floor hahaha ….Finally… after a 9 year hibernation ,…tha ba..be..beats arah returning in all genres ('cept pop,…thats fa tha lost ones, )

  2. This is true.. But the beats by Da Vinci- young Tassie producer. Mdusu did the filming/ recording(Audio & Video), and put the clip together. Most of the other tracks off my E.P barr this track and 1 other are produced by mdusu though

  3. They've got more love for what's real than half of the fake mc's you've heard; just mark my words; these Tassie warriors will take the world by storm.

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