Ed Scissor – Coma Feat. Contact Play (Official Video) (Prod. Lamplighter)

Learn how to rap like the pros

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Brand new video for ‘COMA’. Produced by Lamplighter. This is the fourth single to be released from Ed Scissor’s debut album ‘BETTER.LUCK.NEXT.LIFE’ on High Focus Records on CD, Digital & Limited Edition vinyl.

Starring – Contact Play & Felix Taylor

Directed by Johannes Schaff – www.johannesschaff.com

Camera – Jo Berg

Editor – Simon Phillips

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Comment (30)

  1. I didn't see the mirrorball shatter but there's glass on the dance floor
    Saw the line flatten – asked any last thoughts
    The shards plot paths to your yard's door
    Hard fought sagas you are what you ask for
    Pass more shit through your system for wisdom
    The masked hoards drift in to the distance
    Last call for the tricksters and vixens
    Mixed with a difference I shift like the pistons
    And yes I guess I did something once
    And yes yes whatever next dunce is done
    They bled red I sever flesh drunk the blood
    And left death a step ahead crumbling punk
    It's like fresh leaves turning into red leaves autumn
    Dead leaves turning into fresh green portions
    Bless these vermin as the rest keep talking
    Emcee turning kids to next weak orphans

  2. This video was so cool, really diff, great edits and effects, and the shit was dope the whole way threw. I liked alot of the video but those little things like how bosh had no effects he was just sitting in the chair like him wit the paper, and how they showed how dike stands and the part when his chain was swinging to the beat, or when scicortounge got slapped and his beard formed/came back-, all dope shit really dope shit- I needed that .. Thank you


  3. I live in USA. Yall are better than us at our own music. lyrics are far superior, your British beats are better. nobody is screaming about how much money you have, real hiphop lyrics. scratch is better. good job. least we still have underground. maybe.

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