El-P "$4 Vic" | OFF THE AVENUE E 109

Learn how to rap like the pros

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El-P drops by North Avenue Studios for a quick session on a Saturday morning around 9 A.M. The man is unstoppable. Brought to you by Consequence of Sound.

El-P “$4 Vic” from Off The Avenue. Like this? Watch the latest episode of Off The Avenue on Blip! http://blip.tv/offtheavenue/watch

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Comment (28)

  1. El P is a disgusting artist. He should be up there with the greats. He tells a story with amazing words that you'd probably have to google. He puts it all together and always comes correct as well while having purpose.

  2. He needs more heavy guitar riffs. You can hardly hear the guitar in this song and the riff is so fucking nasty in Stay Down. He lives heavy metal, it would be sick if he included more metal into his music.

  3. The thing that pisses me off from el is that he takes a longggg time to drop something..just like ra the rugged man . Yes he's on RTJ but his own stuff is way more darker.. Raw and crazy

  4. How could have I have not known about this man for so long? After listening to RTJ for a few months and recently his solo shit… I now know El P is fucken legend.

  5. Can't have enough of this beautiful quality… such tight, phat, enlightening sound enriched with an amazing rap… amazing El-P. Thanks for making this stuff real. Keep it coming, and do more of this in the offtheavenue.

  6. After 4 listens I finally fully appreciated this album. This is how perfection sounds, El-P is pushing boundaries for rap and electronic music everytime he goes into studio. This song is so powerful and emotional
    Jamie, thank You for the music

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