Elcamino & Bozack Morris – Saint Muerte (Album)

Elcamino & Bozack Morris – Saint Muerte (Album)

Available here: https://bozackmorris.bandcamp.com/album/saint-muerte
Label: GGBR Records
Featuring: Benny the Butcher, Flee Lord, Rome Streetz
Producer: Bozack Morris
Elcamino & Bozack Morris – Saint Muerte
1.Caras De La Muerte
2.Real Shit
3.No Smoke (Featuring Benny The Butcher)
4.Illegal Rich
5.Goon Ballad
6.Black Gestapos (Featuring Rome Streetz)
7.Politics As Usual
8.Cartel Shrines
9.Coke Brothers (Featuring Flee Lord) :

All bars written by Elcamino except
“No Smoke” written by Elcamino & Benny The Butcher
“Black Gestapos” written by Elcamino & Rome Streetz
“Coke Brothers” written by Elcamino & Flee Lord

All beats and cuts by Bozack Morris
Mixed and mastered by Bozack Morris & Futurewave
Saint Muerte painting cover art by Adrian Hayles
Video and photography by Rel for Art Of Storytelling Films

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Please email me and i delete the music asap.

All downloaded tracks are for promotional use only.
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