Eminem – Greatest [4K] (Live at Wellington, New Zealand, 03/02/2019, Rapture 2019)

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  1. Eminem scheduled this drop to 3.1415 = Osiris myth 14 pieces the 14th his penis eaten by a FISH / John Podesta 14 Fish marked on his hands…/ John 10:34 is miss read are we not God's …. are you not God's? meaning he made you…./ the silence from Eminem and the Q drop are deafening… this time it dropped in connection with a Tweet from Trump using the name Solomon… Solomon fell away from God he worshiped strange God's 700 princess wife's and 300 concubine …. 1 Kings 11…. Kings never die? Better ask Sol right? Not looking good … this would take a pure miracle… Qanon is not stopping…

  2. I was so hyped. Then it stopped.
    STILLL SO HAPPY TO BE ONE OF THE FIRST WHO WATCHED THIS IN U.S. THANK YOU. I have been having horrible autoimmune day so this was AWESOME

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