Eminem Praises 50 Cent’s Hustle At Hollywood Walk Of Fame Honor

Eminem Praises 50 Cent’s Hustle At Hollywood Walk Of Fame Honor




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  1. The statue of Eminem what he’s done need to now be stated because no matter how much he’s done the beats he’s demolished the legacy he’s created the rappers he’s given us the different styles the beefs the entertainment black people just won’t let up on him and give him his credibility he himself feels like he has to keep rapping all his whole life’s work will just be forgotten about when he’s gone will people really put Eminem still on that top five list I know I will but when it matters he will probly get left out because he’s white it’s a sad world the shit he’s dealt with against hater over his career is sad and it will never end that new album is great music to be murdered by one of his best I think since Eminem show and I still see a lot of hate

  2. Where was the fans what the heck where all those old white ppl doing there they definitely did not appreciate the star power in front of them. Should have invited some fans

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