Eminem – PRhyme 2015

Learn how to rap like the pros

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  1. I've always been a big Eminem but his newer music is kinda shitty. Its not that it's not crafty or neat wordplay, its the flow and goofy sense of lyricism. If he's tryin to go back on the underground type sound, he needs to listen to some drill shit and then come back. I can honestly say Montana of 300 is both harder, and quite possibly more lyrically talented than Em is right now. I'm not sayin he should talk about being strapped with a 30, and while "plowing your coupe de ville into some children at the food pavilion in build a bear" is cool, it just tends to get corny. People LOVED the original MMLP because it was hard. It has just gotten goofy over time. I understand he's getting old, but his voice just isn't the same.

  2. there taken tack kits at therdy thousand ant even a venue version at a million a year .I over payed lili Wayne a generation ago my parents played Dow and bought copy rights why every one sleeping on it with there tack kits instead of paying for the release of it in memories ataned?

  3. You all motherfucking religious faggots!!! Jesus.. jesus…jesus.. wtf !!! He is dead motherfuckers!! Your fucking religions can't save the world motherfuckers!!! Fuck your gods ! If a motherfucking god created all this shit he is not a God yet a devil ! So worship the motherfucking Devil motherfuckers!

  4. Back in love all over again.Caught in the web,Man Em,Im so glad your mom and dad got together,thanks for being stronger than you thought you could be.THERE IS NO FATE BUT WHAT WE MAKE

  5. Hes a grown man saying stuff A 16 yearold would say

    Throwing in big words

    Hes out the game completely

    Hasnt made 1 memorable cd since the eminem shoe

    Hes a billionaire but looks like a veteran junkie

    Kids this is what drugs do they first attack your organs then your brain then ur heart then your dead

    Dont do drugs its not worth it

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