ENDRUN “Finest” feat. ISSUGI & 茂千代 (Official Video)

ENDRUN “Finest” feat. ISSUGI & 茂千代
Produced by ENDRUN
Shooting by DahkeyULTIMATE
Edit by Phonogarlicman
Special Thanx : Born Free,Clutch Times,Fedup

in stores now !!

1.Sunrise(from far east)
2.Heaven & Hell(Hell’s Mix)feat. ILLNANDES
3.Human Nature feat. OYG & SHAWN-D
4.Fiends Remix feat. KID FRESINO
5.Noman’s Killa
6.Tuff City feat. MASS-HOLE(cuts by DJ SCRATCHNICE)
7.Just Chill feat. C-L-C
8.I Kno feat. JJJ
9.Rumble feat. SICK BL
10.Henny Skit
11.Keep Smile feat. C-L-C(cuts by DJ SHOE)
12.Finest feat. ISSUGI & 茂千代
13.Blue Wave feat. ILLNANDES & WILLY WONKA



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Comment (42)

  1. アウトロの擦りで「サウスポーフロー」のワンフレーズを引用してるとこが渋い。…私は1996年に初めて茂千代を知りましたが、未だにフェイバリットなmcの一人です。dope!

  2. Didn't understand a word. But it's dope as hell! the beat is great and i start to like that japanese over a beat! Great oldschoolish hip hop culture vibe! nice channel thank for not giving me cloud/trap stuff´. I would say something nice in japanese if i could….

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