Eric B. & Rakim – In The Ghetto

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Music video by Eric B. & Rakim performing In The Ghetto. (C) 1990 Geffen Records
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Comment (29)

  1. The scene with him flowin on the roof top with eric b posted up and the bridge in the background was dope as fuck made them projects look grittier and sadder. Glad they did it in black and white too.

  2. Hello, I said my Name is Rak and this is Eric B. Thank you and kindest regards (my father was a Jazz musician and soldier. We met the U.S. Army community in Hidleburgh, Germany and were close friends. America you got it better (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Poet). Yours

  3. How can your raps be this hard without a single cuss word? Rakim was simply cut from a different cloth. When GOD said, let there be a rapper, make that, an emcee, he created Rakim and broke the mold.

  4. I remember going to fortgreen to visit my cousins stopping at my grandmother's house in Sumner projects n being from BUSHWICK in it all was ghetto n nobody was smiling

  5. This is SOOOO NEW YORK HARD!…..Ra = NY………THis is coming from your little brother… NEW JERSEY the extended Barrel!!!….old school don't sleep don't act like you all don't see ….Dolemite ( black and white hat)1:28… behind the R…… Peace✌️

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