Evidence Tells Story How Everlast Started His Beef With Eminem

Evidence Tells Story How Everlast Started His Beef With Eminem | People’s Party Clip

In this clip from People’s Party, Evidence from Dilated Peoples tells the story of how Everlast’s verse “I buck a .380 on ones that act shady” started a “beef” between Evidence and Eminem and how a bunch of craziness transpired from there. Full episode this Monday 9am est/6am pst.

People’s Party is a weekly interview show hosted by Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh with big-name guests exploring hip-hop, culture, and politics. Subscribe at YouTube.com/UPROXXVideo

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Comment (34)

  1. Searching for Bobby Fisher was leagues ahead of that shitty ass excuse for a diss called 'rap devil'. Can't believe niggas really thought that shit was good. Only canibus and evidence get respect for beefing with em. Fuck man bun

  2. It’s so weird that Eminem’s idea of reaching out and squashing beef is to have his friends call you & say “we dissed you again but it’s over don’t respond”

    Is he too scared or too self important to hit you up personally? Shit is odd.

  3. 🍞vs🍞..white on white crime …ha…jk.
    For real tho…they’re both dope emcees. As a friend of everlast I’m obligated to side with him ..but I’m beyond that. I was a bboy before him..and eminem. They’ve both written classics ..which is the best you can ask. Em always reminded me of slick Rick. Maybe it’s the background noises or character voices. All that. But of course em has his own flow…which is dope. Either way…hip hop …don’t stop …
    Ps …if that dude got his teeth fixed he’d be less shy. But I feel ya…my grills jacked up too homie. 😉

  4. These rappers and their EGO's! Jesus Christ, something minor always turns into something major. It's worst when dudes don't be having nothing to do with it and STILL get dissed for staying out the way🤦🏿‍♂️

  5. Hell yeah for yeeeears as a teeeeeen i wondered how it ended kuz em was just doing small subliminal disses lol great to finally see ev speak on it

  6. And I just thought Em just took a slight jab at them on “Girls” because they were on the track with everlast. Tbh I never thought much of these dudes and just saw them as collateral damage but this cat actually made a whole song at Em which I JUST heard and it was aight. It wasn’t hard but it wasn’t whack just my opinion. Everlast was corny 1 for dissing Em and 2 dragging them into it. Oh well at least we got good music out of it.

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