Evidence – The Weatherman LP [Full Album]

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1. I Know
2. Weather Report 1
3. Mr. Slow Flow
4. Letyourselfgo (feat. The Alchemist & Phonte)
5. Down In New York City
6. A Moment In Time (feat. Planet Asia)
7. Look For The Evidence (Interlude)
8. All Said & Done
9. Weather Report 2
10. Perfect Storm (feat. Rakaa-Iriscience & Madchild)
11. Chase The Clouds Away
12. NC To CA (feat. Defari, Joe Scudda & Big Pooh)
13. Evidence Is Everywhere
14. Things You Do
15. Biggest Belgium Fan (Interlude)
16. Hot & Cold (feat. The Alchemist)
17. Line Of Scrimmage (feat. Slug)
18. Believe In Me (feat. Res)
19. Born In LA (feat. Chace Infinite & Sick Jacken)
20. Weather Report 3
21. I Still Love You

Evidence – The Weatherman LP [Full Album]
Evidence – The Weatherman LP [Full Album]
Evidence – The Weatherman LP [Full Album]


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Comment (21)

  1. Truth in the soul!
    flesh as an angel
    Flying flow with all of us
    Forever ,a chance of truth! We the people/ lift of the veil / we sail the 7 Sea's .
    You must have wing's/ the way you fly ,didlate eye's, hella high ,land of the kush ,West more ,raise like the Sun from the east, coast to coast
    I ask why, wow pow wow vibes trill all the down south, passion went up to the pole, north, playboy position, mission with no permission, thug's mansion 's pac's address / got a young's man asking were do we go. Who do believe in
    Must of did something right, making wrongs right. Palm trees and sunset ,making wet sands turn into hard concrete
    Trying to navigate through, more than meet the eye's can see
    So I seek! No more hide, I can hear it in the rhyme' s, oh so beautiful weather thru the feathers, music is what intertwine us.
    Must be a bigger picture that we part of.
    Best believe I believe, it's a road
    Pave for us and some how it all connected on this path way to our lives we journey on thru so many song's, while the green weed and the liquid keeps me calm before the storm, but my body wanna journey some more, knock knock, if there is a booth ,I wanna be there in the instant, verified presence, a gift I can give back on a track ,paper or mental or a voice of a soul survivor, so many oceans
    But the Pacific I got to dive in.
    Who put this together got to be a genius! Big team it seems , elevated levels from all walks of life. It must be nice, that's what it makes to a sense maker trying to break thru, came from humble beginnings broke thru the road block's ! Now they said rumor has it the boy is the real ma'coy
    Not a mascot, just don't know where to wipe these sweaty plams
    Maybe on a cheerleader plam plam's, I'm ready when the alarm is on, who to call? 1800 Skywalker
    The mask is off, CA sunny day's Vaca's in Miami the heat is on , or the N.O to NY, Tx to the P.A all the way to the W,A ! WHAT'S THE WEATHER LIKE
    I'LL CATCH the next flight on the green eye's
    Jet life, sonic boom
    Just a lil verse, as gratitude

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