EXO-M 엑소엠 '上瘾(Overdose)' MV

The music video of EXO’s ‘Overdose’ is released.
Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music
EXO-K : https://itunes.apple.com/album/2nd-mini-album-jungdog-overdose/id874164741
EXO-M : https://itunes.apple.com/album/the-2nd-mini-album-overdose/id874290401

EXO Official


EXO-M 엑소엠 ‘上瘾(Overdose)’ MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment

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  1. Guys we have to [email protected] Baekhyun's MV and his last 'Un Village' performances on music bank/-core on the official sites(not exo channel)more. It's so important to [email protected] (for awards/music shows). I don't know why like just 40% of the fandom are supporting baekhyun but it's imbarrasing, that a lot of "exols" can't even take 10min in order to go on youtube to [email protected] for baekhyun(watch un village for 30 sec, then clear yt history go watch un village for 30 sec., clear yt history again and so on…) THIS IS NOT HARD, SUPPORT BAEK. HE IS NOT GONNA DEBUT TWICE AS A SOLO ARTIST.

  2. they are all Japanese but some of them might be part korean because they have a Korean version and a Japanese version to all of theirs songs

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