Ezri – Bald (Official Video)

Download/stream Bald: https://Ezri.lnk.to/Baldid

Following the release of his surprise “Happy Birthday Nas Freestyle” clip, Ezri returns with another head-bobbing track “Bald”, showcasing his honest, lyrical rhymes accompanied by a heavy bass production.

Directed by Fakedell and Ezri



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Comment (49)

  1. I don't exactly understand the concept of the graveyard intro, then follows lyrics/hand gestures that continue to rep GUNS BEING SHOT! Ezzy, if you don't listen to yo momma you'll be next in the dirt (God forbid!!!!). Talking about the guy next to you in the car is a shooter? While making a great message? YET— constantly making finger guns with your hands??? Just reminds me of the 'Art of Peer Pressure' and where this gets you in the end. You're doing too good for yourself and have too much self-awareness to put on this persona you know is toxic. You said in 'be right back' what you "should be doing" so DO IT and leave all this BANG BANG action in the past before your destiny is cut short young prodigy. Hope you understand this is out of respect for your life. Only few make it out the hood, let that be your sign.

  2. 🤪😱🤬🤬🤬this song goes so fucking crazy he's nice and ain't nobody else outta Cleveland 💯 doing it like hem frfr like my comment if you agree 💢💥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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