In this interview w/ LA Stereo, hip hop pioneer Fab Freddy talks about his career: from being a graffiti artist to hanging out with Basquiat, his vision as a producer on “Wild Style” bringing all the hip hop elements together, YO MTV Raps, touring in France in the early 80ies, and hip hop culture in general.



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  1. Know your history… This man was at ground zero for hip hop. He did graffiti, did his trains, moved on to other things… Like getting "Wildstyle" made, then being an ambassador for hip hop like no other. The man is a legend. Know your history. Respect.

  2. @soberski1 – you know that fab 5 freddy CREATED hip hop right? actually, the god father of soul (james brown for those that dont know) revolutionized breakbeat when he famously told his band to shut the fuck up and listen to the drummer for a minute. from that we get fab 5 freddy and production with a blond, white girl (blondie) that made the first hip hop single to make it to billboard number 1 (rapture). educate yourself sucker.

  3. @soberski1 Yeah, and what have you ever done little hater? Fab 5 Freddy is a LEGEND in every aspect of hip hop culture. Even breaking, he exposed it in Wildstyle. FIRST! You try to diss him but he was writing BEFORE everyone else jumped on the bandwagon…remember that!

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