Fall From Paradise by Classified

New video from the Album While You Were Sleeping, in stores now!

Directed by RT!


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  1. This is the guy I invested in,was put on reservation for his little wifey cuz I was his first option,but as time grows , I saw his family,his wife and his side chick.. he's pull out in the next 5 years.. dropping his international women and finally coming home! In native land..

  2. 2018 and still one of my favorites from my entire hip hop collection. Remember having this on blast from my bedroom window, playing ball on the street with all the neighborhood hoodlums. Been bumping this for 10+ years now.

  3. Time is changing and i got to leave my best friends one day im gonna miss them when that day comes this song reminds of the moment thats coming

  4. Chorus =

    "It's hard to explain, our fall from paradise was meant to be. Dis-belief shown in your eyes, not enough to miss the prize.
    <(Classified) I know the way the world works>
    Destination in his eyes, counting down, this is the time –
    It's hard to explain, our fall from paradise was meant to be. Dis-belief shown in your eyes, not enough to miss the prize. Not enough believed in him, and some just walked away.
    <(Classified) I ain't close to bein finished>"

    =Ξ لծکوինλի λԼծիλ Ξ=

  5. Hopsin is one of my favorite rappers. The other rappers on his record label aint bad but hopsin is dope you should check him out if you haven't already

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  7. just to see classified get as well known as he should be and as many views that he should be… i am going to link his songs on every youtube video i go on

  8. I spent hours searching for good rappers who are well… actually good and Classified set the top of my list. Classified is honestly the only rapper i found that was worth searching hours for. Others were good but Classified deserves to be famous 100% you keep it up!

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