"Fast Lane" – Suspense Rap Beat | Free Hip Hop Instrumental Music 2019 | RB Keys #Instrumentals

#835 – “Fast Lane” – Suspense Rap Beat | Free Hip Hop Instrumental Music 2019, by Canadian producer RB Keys. #Instrumentals | 💰 Purchase (No Tags) ➜ https://Rujay.co.uk.

📷 Photo by Taras Makarenko.

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Music provided by Rujay.
Instrumental: “Fast Lane” by RB Keys.
Channel: https://YouTube.com/user/RujayTV.

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Comment (36)

  1. It's ya boi Met (Metrez) comin' to you live from the Daycare of
    Dreams/Hoes/Wishes oops just kidding, Hopes

    You know It's crazy how times change
    To know we'd never be the same
    But, you just wanna keep playin' the same bullshit games
    I rather ride In my own Fastlane
    Leave It all In the dust
    Cause dealin' with all your shit Is just too much
    Leave me now
    Put this chapter to rest
    Cause In the end, our seprate ways Is best

  2. On key I just got sum new AirPods and they sound great wit the beat on key bro keep yo head up high lil homie make that bank but don’t Eva forget about the small ones homie

  3. bolera batho daurera chito hudaina Koi vanincha garera huncha tah kei?
    Tah garrirachu mo yaha kaam
    Nadekha malai tero fokat ko saan
    Varera saas mo sachdeichu praan
    Audaicha mero  sunaulo bihan
    Banaudai chihan gardaichu agiko amilo
     sachai ko Khoji ma didaichu dhyan

    Merai waripari yaha  nanathari vairaxa
    Vawana ko vel mero Soch bani bagiraxha
    Jindagi karey taarh ko baar ma kahikatai aljhiracha

  4. Theres been somethn
    Deep inside of me
    Thats been Dyin to see
    What my true potential is
    For a guy
    Who shy as me
    Get me on the mic
    And this Type a beat
    Its a sight to see
    My shit is just armory
    Of Parental advisory
    Everybody on this
    Trash rap
    That or cardi B
    What the fuck is real
    About this shit
    Please enlighten me
    I dont fuck wit
    Beer goggles
    Find me at the winery
    Id die for my country
    But none of u would
    Die for me…

  5. Once upon a time, people said that I was gone, told them to relax I’ll be back, like a solo journey to training, taming, and aiming my darker sides towards brighter, walking forwards with a lighter, not to be confused when it’s done and fused, like skins of smooth and bruised, broken misused abused, shipping over cruised, levitated and flew, ideas out of blue like from nowhere like clues, for no lies nor fakeness by the brightness through the darkness, I’m always true with realness by you forever wanted and knew, like someone who glows with lights and flows alike glued, the power of attraction is new every time I shine with you, me, us, altogether to be the trust, plus bypassing the cross, my efforts are all sorts for perfections without any flaws, never the loses nor draws, forever winning as infinite spinning with ringing and twinkling stars, my rhymes are like the shines of points as my poetries about it like lyrics and songs to rap or sing it, ring it, spin it, win it, and in it then out is what it’s about without a doubt to ever shout or anyway in and out expressive, bless if impressive, dressed with pressed in buttons materialistically top to bottom as clothes and covers for naked to look good in impressions and be warm or cool out in the shades and grades of temperatures that either goes up or down, still unmeasurable if it’s for love and to like, all that’s good and unpredictable, invisible, invincible, what is love? Miracles of unseeable, still real until it will feel with another felt, it takes the heat and the cold to melt, just like one of you and me to tell, say, do, and be, zeroes, ones, twos, and threes, so cold freeze, hot glow please, flirt and tease then feel free to please for the three as third by first with second then one more next in line up, the spaces with the times enough, nothing to something that was never nothing but something, one thing to be pumping, live it no limit necessary at least for that it is give it when wanted must be given lives living, before life, afterlife, and every lives through death is like confused of done and fused said, going on to not be gone with beds, homes and places and then whenever next, thank God it only gets better and better best, next, and yes it’s a bless, so be less filling stresses, fulfilling guesses, taking chances at most and not in whole risking of twisting motions of one fluid movements, the ones flew and proven by us in imaginations with ideas out moving, always still and forever will as if itself by ourselves in one out done, nevertheless none by the everlastingly ones with the only one, altogether some, believed in and won are the ones we call our dreams too, graduations for celebrations who we become knowing, glowing, flowing, and blowing like the Big Bang theories no worries better than sorries let’s hurry through the patiences already in histories out of stories as stores we in businesses out fair is yes called money compared if less as the ones we learning, earning, and turning studies, classes, and channeling like students, masters, and entertainers, for all that the interest is the importance at least like in for chances to priorities, or are we just orally in arguments for what’s out when are you in? Not a riddle, just a little, easier, and in middle thats with or without as choices not even, and that’s even really like fairnesses of businesses trading in actions out transferred as transactions, packed on through numbers earned and learned to turned around tables for next then best labels of interesting categories and analysis, as all exist then for what resist, when it is the ordering and patterning organized to be or realized to be more than again, but for more and then better beings of many more and much in such out touched senses of sensations by sensational is international, passions of ambitions by feelings and actions I, with, and only, that’s for and all that’s for easy, better, more we, and do did it, done for more some with it, no pressures nor stressed as the mixed to be fixed pieces of some in one unnecessary and it’s alright to let it be relieved although it may be hard because the answer to that is yes and not maybe far towards no and yes,

  6. Bu bi' pis plan, edemem itiraz
    Biz bilhassa rapçileriz istifade
    Sistemin açıkları bir silah
    Nispeten rap gizli bi' inziva
    İsmi lazım olmayan biz, biraz sinirliyiz istikamet istila
    Riski var evet ama gene riski aldık
    İsim lakin edilicek hemen istikancık
    İstifade duyguları sindir at
    Zihni sar slogan olu'cak ismi çak
    Misli kat sisli sesine mix'i bas
    Sikik aşk hikayelerini CD yap sat
    Pop piyasası bitti lan!
    İyisi mi bi' manken bulup izdivaç
    Ya da Reina'ya gidip hadi viski aç
    Çünkü stüdyon edildi istila
    Kadınlarına kadar alıcaz
    Arabalarını çalıp evinin temeline de
    İki el atı'caz, Rap acımaz, kes acımaz
    Et pazarı piyasanıza renk katı'caz, yeap yapı'caz!
    Şeyn adım ebeveynine de ki:
    "Şeyn çalı'cak kapımızı ne yapı'caz?"
    Tabi ki kilerde saklanıcaksınız ve kaçıcak yer yok
    Rap çalıcak
    Her halükarda yeni nesil esirimiz
    Ezilene bass'ı bile basit hepinize tekiz
    Asimile yaşamaya meyilli değiliz
    Eylemimizi sevmeyi deneyiniz
    Bi' kerecik o beyninizi vermeyin
    Bi' kerecik olayın içine girmeyi deneyiniz
    Hey gidi keyif için her şeyi seyreden beyler
    Eğlenmeyi bile bilmeyen şeyler

    [Hook] (x2)
    Ardında koskoca bi' garnizon
    Fazla zaman harcamadan istilaziyon
    Istilaziyon kimi şah kimi daha piyon
    Bi yol var istila var sonunda saf Hip-hop

    Hadisemiz mini mi?
    Muratın sarkan memesi mi?
    Avşar kızının tenisi mi?
    Bülent ablanın eskisi mi?
    Ne giysem bugün hangisini?
    Bugün hangisi sizleri mest etsin?
    Reytingleri yerle bir eylesin
    Yetenekleri millete seyretsin

    [Verse 2]
    Aşk köpekleri, şark bülbülleri, Şam şeytanları
    Farz edin öldük, mahşeri gördük, şarapneli söktük
    Ve şart nameli şad ile geri döndük
    Kaydettik her şeyini, rap kurban ister
    Kaybettin her şeyini
    Şanın şöhretin sefil oldu rap istilasında felfecir oldu

    İş kolik kocalara Rap'i zerk edin
    Psikopat karılarınızı terk edin
    Derdiniz neyse ne beni seyredin
    Sevdiniz bi' kere gerisi gelmeli
    Gel gelelim sana bol giyin bi' Oldschool teybinin
    Bugüne kadar doğru bildiklerini sil diyemem
    Silmen gerekenleri söylerim

    Kan emici keneler etine girer
    Eline birer hediye verip habire methiye dizer
    Afilli kelimelere tip heziyetini meziyet hezimetine vasiyet ederler ve derler ki:
    "Tele köleleşip öl ya da gene köleleşip öl
    Ötekileşip öteberileş dönemeci dön
    Göreceli yön körebesin ölü göreceğin az göreceğin öz son söz"

    Ne versem ye ne neden nerede ne nasıl ne gerek demeden sev
    Bugüne kadar ne merak ettin ki velet?
    Şimdi rap elementini sev ve neden deme
    En önemlisi el ele ver her sefer MC B-Boy Graffiti DJ Hip-hop elementleri seç ve hemen dene
    Katıl istilama ya da yat yere

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