Fat Boys – Can You Feel It (1986)

Fat Boys – Can You Feel It (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Produced by Kurtis Blow

Song Title: Can You Feel It
Artist: Fat Boys
Album: Fat Boys
Year: 1986

VHSrip from the original “Fat Boys – BRRR, Watch ‘Em!” VHS (1986)

Remastered audio


Buff a.k.a. The Human Beat Box (Darren Robinson), Prince Markie Dee (Mark Morales) and Kool Rock-Ski (Damon Wimbley) were hip-hop’s first brand, jumping out of helicopters in Swatch commercials and demolishing buffets in movies.

Their manager is a Swiss-born promoter named Charlie Stettler, the owner of his label-management company Tin Pan Apple. In 1983, he put on a hip-hop talent contest at Radio City Music Hall, and the Fat Boys-then rapping as Disco 3-were the unexpected walk-on champs.

“Stick ‘Em” was the song they used to win the contest. Stettler took the group to his native Switzerland and although they arrived in Europe as The Disco 3, the group flew back to New York as the Fat Boys. Charlie Stettler hooked up the group with producer Kurtis Blow who gave them their signature sound.

Kurtis Blow enlisted Run-D.M.C. drum-machine programmer Larry Smith and bassist Davy “DMX” Reeves, both of whom were behind some of the best records of the era to work on it.

“Stick ‘Em” was the first thing that they recorded with Kurtis Blow. Charlie Stettler also got Swatch to sponsor 1984’s Fresh Festival Tour and convinced Russell Simmons to add the Fat Boys to a line-up that included Run-D.M.C., Whodini and Newcleus.


Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?
Can you f…

[Prince Markie Dee]
Now you’re coolin’ at a dance standin’ on the wall
But it’s time to get steady and on the ball
Grab up a girl and get on the floor
And listen to Markie Dee’s rhymes galore
Because the music is fresh, so darn funky
The highs are crisp and the bass is chunky
And the final ingredient, the movement of the feet
A complete street meet, a funky fresh treat
The jam is halfway through, you sit down for a while
A young lady approaches with a very big smile
She wants to dance, but your feet are sore
But later for that, you go and dance some more
You do the hustle, bus stop, and even the samba
You make up a dance called the islands of ramba
Yes on the dance floor, you’re throwin’ a fit
And that is a result when you, feel it!

Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?

[Kool Rock Ski]
Can you feel the rhythm of the funky bass?
Well it’s kickin’ it live in your face
The homeboys in the place are holdin’ up the wall
While the girls are on the floor, giving their all
The man that’s on the mic rappin’ to a fresh beat
Is none other than the money-makin’ Kool Rock Ski
The MC powerlord of the minion emcees
With the funky fresh rap that’ll get you out your seat
So tell me can you feel it and relive to reveal it
‘Cause if you do, my friends, you’ll need a painkiller
Rock to the beat, put your body to it
Find a new dance and learn how to do it
So when you come in the place and feel our rhythm
You’ll be on time with the def momentum
Stop perpetratin’, get on the floor
And listen to the two with the rhymes galore!

Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?

[Prince Markie Dee & Kool Rock Ski]
Well now you gotta be convinced that the beat is fresh
So devastating, outlasting the rest
And our rhymes are fierce and always on fire
So get on the floor because it’s for hire
A powerful sound that’s so divine
Send a chill up your spine and rotate your behind
And we’re [?] to the person who knows how to do it
So get on the floor and into it
So just start to rockin’ when you feel the groove
And listen to us and bust a move
So move your body in every way
And don’t stop rockin’ ’til the break of day
We’re the dedicated rappers on the M-I-C
One’s Markie Dee, the other’s Kool Rock Ski
And the question of the matter, we’re asking to you
We can feel it, so can you feel it too?

Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?



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  1. No offense, but there's not enough Black girls in this video (if any).
    Black women have been the rock, and family backbone throughout the hundreds of years of horrible treatment imposed on Blacks in this country, and still, to this day, get pushed aside in favor of White women. Image is everything. More successful Black men in the public eye should marry Black women. Show some respect.
    This video was a set up. Great song, terrible video. Thumbs down.

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