Fekky x Dizzee Rascal – Still Sittin' Here (Official Video)

‘Fekky x Dizzee Rascal – Still Sittin’ Here’ – OUT NOW!! Download here – http://po.st/SSHYT

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  1. Idc what anyone says. This shit fucking sucks. ALL, not some. Literally ALL of UK rappers are fucking trash. All of them are horrible. You can barely understand what they even say. “Cuz the tooal li deis”. American rap is by far more successful and extremely better than this rap. It all sucks. All of the uk rap is terrible. Holy fuck. “Booo bo ba ba baaaa” like wtf. The UKs biggest star imo that basically put this sad sack of shit music on the map is lowly MIA.

  2. Even “shut app [up] is sampled from another song “I don t wanna hear that”

    Correct me if I m wrong although I believe that I m not mistaken

    God only knows.

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