Fire in the Booth – Kamakaze | (THATFIRE LA) Reaction


Fire in the Booth – Kamakaze | (THATFIRE LA) Reaction

#charliesloth #fitb #kamakaze

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That fire! Is a channel we created for reacting/reactions to songs and possibly other s**t. We love to keep this going and appreciate YALL for hitting that LIT BUTTON and subscribing to the channel.

*****************WOW REACHED OUR GOAL OF 20K*****************

This is crazy!!!!! We honestly appreciate the love and support 🙏🏾! A thank you vid is in the works!!!

***************New Goal is to get 50Ksubscribers******************

Please tell your friends and family about us 🙏🏾.

Help us reach that goal by sharing our [ Fire in the Booth – Kamakaze | (THATFIRE LA) Reaction ] with your family and friends. We just trying to stay LIT.

Appreciate ya!


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We want to thank everyone who is watching!

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Comment (45)

  1. Surprised by Charlie’s reaction in this, one of the best fire in the booths in my opinion, dudes up there with the best for sure. Much love to the states 🎤🎧🇬🇧 🇺🇸.

  2. Please kamikaze grime show if don't play this then ya slipped nuff luv all the way from 🇬🇧 mess with dudes big Time so do me a favour and slam that shit

  3. why hasnt eminem ever reached out to uk artists ?? please gimme your view coz it baffles me….theres a few artists that could hold there own with uk artists..only a few though..if em did it years ago you guys wouldnt have to suffer that mumble shit atm lol…thanx for reactions

  4. Devlin (F64 / castella freestyle / fire in the booth 1&2/ corned beef city/ community outcast) just react to him really lol. If you like lyrics, he is awesome 😊

  5. you missed the double entendres – "Cross my circle and ill tell you die amateur" die amatuer or diameter, which in Maths is the distance across a circle, which is why he said "Cross my circle"

  6. Still can’t believe you not done any devlin on this channel. Guys an animal.

    Devlin & syer B – something in the water
    Devlin Fire in the booth 2
    Devlin – The garden

  7. This is the first reaction channel I've seen use a lyric sheet and clearly do their research. Best Grime reaction video I have watched by far, I'm from UK and love Grime and can sometimes be embarrassed by how misunderstood UK rappers are in reaction videos, this was not the case here. Keep doing what your doing, Subbed

  8. You caught the tweet bar "less concerned with lyricism more so with 140 letters" but the bit after "90 or 140, well that's a long story" is referring to the BPM of the beat, since he's originally a hip-hop artist (90bpm) but in recent years has been getting into the grime scene, where beats are 140bpm.

    His old hip-hop crew is B.L.G. Beneath the Looking Glass

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