Fire In The Booth – Mic Righteous (Part 3)

Mic Righteous is back to bring pure flames to the booth for the third time and he got a special announcement to make!


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  1. For me the second half of this, I think, has got to be the most meaningful, heartfelt and timeless piece Mic has ever written…and I don't think anyone else has the same ability to be able to convey so much passion and emotion in the delivery…Flawless.

  2. That's like Mozart or divinchi type shit . I think this is the best freestyle ever . I watched it countless times and it always gets me. I has all the elments of brilliance

  3. You cant talk about mic Rocky the bad man my dad dieing from cancer now hard too take it but everyday i listen to rocky and its good brings u back hes real!!

  4. BIG UP to Mic Righteous, best Grime/Rap artist I have ever heard, this is by far the best Fire in the Booth he has done, purchased his Dreamland CD the other day after seeing this, 2 years too late but so be it, He is a true lyrical genious. Much respect!

  5. Mic, akala and wretch 32! My favourite rappers now, I've totally been sleeping on UK grime! Please comment below if there's any more guys that have real bars like this! 😍

  6. Yo mic keep it together bro ur a fuc#in legend and want to here prt4 some time 👊🍻 remember in the darkest places u can find the brightest light 🍻

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