Fire In The Booth – Mic Righteous (Part 3)Reaction!

Wassup YouTube bringing you the final installment of Mic Righteous Fire In The Booth.. This has been a great listen and I thank you all for the support. Much Love

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  1. Id be happy to hear your album review of dreamland… It's a very good album especially for a debut album from an independent artist, and I personally think mic is best out of the artists mentioned, but I am biased because I can relate a lot more to Mic's topics in his music than the other 2, wretches fire in the booths are very good, & I personally think bugzy is abit overhyped due to his diss tracks going back and forth with chipmunk

  2. He was meaning wretch 32 not Rex. Check out avelino and wretch 32 fire in the booth. Both are sick but wretch's verse kills it. U decide man. Glad u back✊🏽👊🏽

  3. "Oh please! What film you living in that made you think you was a real G? Tell me what road you're living on that made you think you were Lil'Reese?!
    Cos in real life you're a shy lad; when you're online you're from Chiraq!
    Smoke a little herb? – Start followin the herd like a side man!"

    lol top bar

    The censored bar is
    "More claims, crooked policemen and they're burstin' at kids, more claims than Jimmy Savile fucking perving on kids!"

    Savile was a child entertainer and media personality at the BBC for decades, completely untarnishable, a British institution, a "national treasure"! He was very VERY close to the Political and Royal Elite and was, behind the scenes, a very powerful man.
    He was also a PROLIFIC paedophile/rapist and child abuser, victimising many hundreds of children over decades
    He also performed necrophilia (with dead bodies in public hospitals, to which he was given full unaccompanied access by the government)
    and also beastialty.. but more than that, Savile was also a Fixer for many of his powerful buddies, arranging access to/delivery of kids for their pleasure- disabled kids, kids with mental problems, kids from orphanages/hospitals….you get the picture….kids that thought this nice man from TV was taking them on a day trip….nope….
    Despite years of repeated police reports and independent cries to the press by victims over many years (which were never properly investigated), Savile was allowed to continue what he was doing, completely protected by the entire media community – as well as by the Police and the British Political establishment to which he was so closely 'connected'…
    His decades of abuse only came to light after his fairly recent death which lead to a huge investigation in the UK called 'Project Yew Tree', investigating "high level paedophile rings", which led to the actions of several other 'celebrity names' press/media personalities and politicians being brought out into the public eye.. but only very low level people or people who are already dead..
    The subsequent investigation(s) have been bungled and sabotaged repeatedly.. (probably because exposing the true level of his connections and revealing people Savile 'fixed' for would literally collapse government's and media establishments of more countries than just my own, if you get what I mean?) 😉

    – where do you think the tens of thousands of kids who go permanently missing in The States every year actually go?!

    big love from London UK x

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