Fire In The Booth – Ocean Wisdom Reaction

Fire In The Booth – Ocean Wisdom

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  1. Ocean wisdoms doing big tingz. He did a tune in January in the UK with dizzy rascal and he also did a tune with method man in the summer called the whole ting dun. WU UK

  2. Roots manuva (one of the greatest ever) strange behaviour, inna, evil rabbit etc etc etc, so many tracks, listen to him cos he's quality. skinnyman, chester p etc

  3. You had dj Kool herc from Jamaica that started the American hip hop scene we had the 🇯🇲 🇬🇧 Windrush 🇬🇧🇯🇲
    We always had it, we just did not have the internet to show the world.
    Bet you did not know that Slick Rick from the UK south London and it was no surprise why he was a great lyricist

  4. Another nice reaction on U.K. rap. Ocean Wisdom is just beyond words, he’s a talent all to himself, he’s a rap God and a half. Please can you do Dabbla – Get It feat. Ocean Wisdom… By the way Ocean Wisdom is his real name, it’s his birth name 🙂

  5. You guys in the US have as well a new generation of real rappers A-F-R-O and Bishop Nehru to name a couple at the tip of my mind. The problem is just that the market is flooded by fake rappers pushing gangsta shit with no flow or classic hip-hop principles. Look better in your home, maybe you will find lost things 😉

  6. Good spot with the Estuary… Honestly the whole bunch over at High Focus records have mad skills when it comes to wordplay. My recommendation… Don't wait for a recommendation… Go listen to everything High Focus has to offer. Fliptrix built an underground empire. Peace!

  7. Get this guy in on more videos!! And go back to other songs with him like mic righteous an that….would be good to see! Could be good for the channel too ? It's nice to see you both talk to each other about your reaction to the music 👀🔥🖒

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