Fire In The Booth – Wretch 32 Part 3 | WARNING – CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE

WARNING: Contains strong language.

One of the greatest MCs on the planet, Wretch 32 returns to the booth.


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  1. i guessing that in 2 years you have all realized that mens football is a bitch's game fall over for no reason damn women footballers dont even dive ffs wimps hahahah

  2. Yo guys I'm sorry to bring up a touchy topic because FITB is no more but why did they not get wretch to shut it down…
    He is the best rapper in the world, "when you craft your art, you favour Banksy" you should favour yourself because whenever you construct a sentence it is art.. I can't believe Unknown T got to shut it down… They could've given it to the rapper that we'll owns the rap game, bar for bar I think he's better than Eminem (I'm not saying em' doesn't deserve the fame and fortune he has.. But wretch needs to get recognised for what he can really do because lyrically he is better than Eminem and everyone else who tries to open their mouth)

  3. Not another nigga, nah, not another nigga
    Dropped on the front line with a cop behind the trigger
    Throw your spirit in the sky, probably drop you down and snigger
    That’s why every drop of Henny’s like a shot inside my liver
    Certain I’m the difference, but they’ll probably beg to differ
    Tryna spit my thousand words before they crop me out the picture
    That a selfie, self-less, I’m self-raising
    I had no P, outta breath, I kept chasing
    Couldn’t go sleep, no rest, this world’s waiting on my Rolly
    Hell yeah, you tell Satan that I pray to the Lord, pray to the most high
    Penny for my thoughts, you’ll get a monkey for most lines
    I turn words into numbers
    That made work for my brothers
    From a kid in the bits to Columbus
    Now the world’s my circumference
    My little man’s talking ‘bout bands, I just hope that my son’s in the Mumford’s
    Hope he don’t lose his way, the apple don’t fall too far
    The designer’s the future in every way
    And I’m better than Shakespeare, and I ain’t writing any plays
    Nor am I writing to get played, it’s just my right to get the plays
    I was underground ‘cause it’s alright to take the train
    But if you was God’s son would you be hiding in the shade?
    I’m Rolling in the Deep, setting Fire to the Rain
    And it’s Written in the Stars in some Newton Oil Paint
    When I craft my art, I favour Banksy
    Man I’m Rich with life, I’m on my Antwi
    You see I’ll hold my weight until my hands bleed
    Only got my word and my bars, swear on my canteen
    Man if I punch lines, I’ll show you hand speed
    I will do a Strickland Banks before I Plan B
    Nigga I go realer, you chimpanzee
    Monkey I don’t fancy dress, I dress fancy
    You see I once was lonely to start off
    Not now, these companies, I’m a part of
    [Verset?], that’s that drink we own all of
    I’ll show you the flick of the wrist, because my arm’s strong
    Strength no weakness, doing press-ups like the kids
    Now I’m trying to get my kids a head start
    To get them set, on their marks
    On this marathon of life I’m Gebrselassie, a son of Selassie I
    Mo Farah, my brother, told me keep up my stride
    More Stephen Lawrence than Boris, running to stay alive
    Try, crop me out picture like I’m Dame
    But I’m just another Jigga with some glitter in my chain
    Eight hundred on my frames, half a milli on my plates
    Only keep it 100 if I’m running with Usain
    But I keep it 300 when I’m running with my mates
    On some Louis Farrakhan, we ain’t running from a race
    I grew up in a maze, where I saw cats chasing their tails
    Dogs selling to cats, man killing their dogs
    The lost things that they found, the found thing that there God
    Fighting over ground, but to none of us it belongs
    And the cons outweigh the pros, but the pros can wear your odds
    And turn coke into powder, that’s just connecting the dots
    Man, now are you tempted to shot?
    Tempted to touch, attempted to murder
    They tried to kill me before, nothing against me shall prosper
    Money on my head, I'll have to Kevin my Costner
    Coming for my bread, I’ll turn your muscles to lobster
    Wifey playing nurse, and guess who’s playing the doctor?
    Dr. King, Dr. Dre, man I sold pharmaceuticals, I did the doctor way
    Man I’m trying to meet Jay before he dashes the Roc away
    Cause Bishop show up prison, man, I’m only a block away
    Rich said “Who wakes up and really wants to come second?”
    Counting on my brother, got me counting all my blessings
    Ever lost someone who found you with intentions on bringing something out of you to turn you to a legend?
    When I hear the news I had to park up on the curb
    I was on the phone to [Twin?], and we didn’t even say a word
    I’m so used to pain, but there’s a difference when it hurts
    Cause when they took away your body man it multiple your worth, in my eyes
    I had tears in my eyes, Dunn's River Fallin’, man I couldn’t even dry cry
    Spend time alone, see I just had to define life
    The good die young, so your calling was primetime

    Last time I came I competed with the world
    Now this time I’m here I’m competing with myself
    Don’t put me in a bracket with no one bro
    I got so many bullet points, bruv, that I overload
    Add me to the magic you might give him an overdose
    While I swim into a ocean, rock the boat, cause I overflow
    I’m so used to splashing, man I’m so used to splashing
    Young Fire’s on the rise, and he’s just waiting for the baton
    But I told him that he might have race me till I’m [paton?]
    Got my masters in English, so I may resort to Latin
    By the time you hear time, I’ll be past gear six
    And if they ain’t dead already, they just had a near miss
    I put the “fear” in fearless
    Pussy, get a smear test
    And if it gets political, call me Tony Blair Witch
    Why did we vote “Leave?” Why did we vote “Leave?”
    The government’s sending kids to sleep with no dreams
    Their trying to tick a box, you would have thought they sold weed
    Everybody’s high, no wonder why the future’s codeine
    Codeine crazy, every dabbin’, having codeine babies
    Having March Madness, cause their Rolly’s 18
    But I’m “Mr. Free B.A. Baracus,” A-Team
    With the top down, got the whip looking Page 3
    Do you sympathise with me?
    Started From the Bottom, why the keep reminding me?
    There’s no similarities with you and I
    If I gotta die to be the best, would you do or die with me?
    I grew on the late Biggie hypnotizing me
    Am I grime? Am I rap? Why they keep dividing me?

    Why they keep dividing me?
    Everybody goes deep and can SCUBA dive, yeah
    They can all flow 'til they gotta synchronise with me
    I made my own lane—can you see the drive in me?
    I’m banned from every club—can you see the Nile in me?
    There’s hatred in my love—can you see the irony?
    It’s flamin' in my lungs—I should take this mic with me
    Cause I’m James Brown when he shot up the label
    I’m Scarface with a key of coke on the table
    Singing a song of praise, but I don’t need no appraisal
    Cause I’m Pharrell Grindin’, just tryna Pusha my ends
    Spirit of DMX, singing Flesh of My Flesh
    I’m Nas before Kelis and old school K. West—new school K. West
    Still they all ain’t Wretch
    ‘Cause if they don’t call me classic, gotta call me blessed
    But I still do the sign of the cross, before I leave out
    You can nail me to the cross—if you need now
    If you keep calling me blood, and we don’t bleed out, and let that shit run like rivers—you’re in de-nial
    Most Ws in the booth—I’m in the league now
    This is called "Fire in the Wretch"—3-2 style

    Charlie change the name!

    And if they don’t say I’m nice, then they didn’t play it twice
    You know why?

    That’s cause 365 I stay Growing Over Life
    Ah, yeah

    Support Wretch 32’s upcoming studio album “Growing Over Life,” which drops September 2nd, 2016

  4. This isn't on another level … It's in a complete different dimension comparing wretch32 to anyone else isn't even fair he's only competing against himself

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