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Comment (16)

  1. Lyrics translated hope you appreciate : still free koevoet (name of his friend in jail) now you mother goes with me (because he is very famous now) and make thousands(euros) on stage but I'm still in the neighbourhood (2x) at 1'oclock with 2 man on a three(3)weeler(the thing they ride on at the beginning) I don't gonna celebrate(vieren-4) in that car (vijfbak-5) I still need go to six(6) fiends you need to understand that meanwhile the scene 7 the memory card this good/badass flow (8) is like Messi with the ball sometimes goes that nine(9-means gun) with me you can't trap me I have ten (10) bitches that stalking me on my old number (he was counting from 1-10 with punchlines etc) maybe I buy a Bentley with gold bumpers it's hot so I blus the fire hasj so is smoke and rest some you bike doesn't come back better you take the bus stole your dad's bike but did it with a motherkey(a key that can open much different bikes used by criminals what boef was before rap) I don't have that ferrari but I will give my mother that key I want a nice car when I was little I made much money you talk about crimes you don't committed money on the line so hang the bitches up later I get much views and than even the blind are hit (good punchline hard to translate) CHORUS :HE CHEFARR(Means thief in morrocan) stil on that paperchase did so much bad things but I'm still alive say police I'm not clear i know nothing when was little i lived hard but now I live good (good punchline hard to translate)2x

    I don't fuck with you bitch we don't gonna make it honey than you can me mad but pay attention to your vocabulary punchline king because I fucked the vocabulary(used the word 3 times in 3 different ways) that crime was easy but you still fucked it up now see you sometimes the smile if I get nice shows but back in the days i was always on your windows like desk tray (hard punchline)(burglar)
    Now in the P.C (expensive store) like a close in(punchline) rappers have no chance like a close in
    They hating on me but wanna be like me didn't have face book but I brought on time line(coke)(punchline) call fiends border judges they want on side lines(coke)(punchline)
    stealing a rolex my way to being on time (very hard punchline)
    And being on the grind is what every soldier(people from the street) did I fucked a bitch that was very wet on in hood on sea never go with you the sea in (doing bussines) even if hood was on sea if you search dope you get in my hood C (drug)

    Chorus 3x

    Some information about rapper boef
    Algerian rapper did 3 times jail before his carrier started in 2-3year time biggest rapper of the Netherlands one of the best punchline kings of the rapscene with the rapper : pierrii

  2. Please check Jacin Trill. He is a Dutch artist who’s going viral in the Netherlands rn. You should check Kspreyopjebytch and Rozeswoesh, he’s different but dope

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