Flexie – Wise Up (Instrumental) UK HIP HOP

UK Hip Hop Instrumental made in Logic Pro.

Flute by Dave Evans (Poyser) the rest by me…

No unauthorised use, Copyright 2011


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  1. So it's

    Tuesday morning chilling in my den trying to

    avoid the boredom I quit my shit job but

    Now I'm mourning the lack of funds yup

    it's appalling, I've got no money coming in

    I'm fumbling and bumbling numb to the cumbersome

    Task of bumming crumbs from the dumb maelstrom that we call

    Working for a buisness It ain't my buisness

    So count me out. I'm out for the count. I'll just

    Bounce this beat and denounce that sheet

    An ounce a week should keep me off my feet

    You can't beat that. Actually I'll doff my clothes and

    i'll beat that meat to complete my defeat it's a

    Bittersweet treat for a deadbeat athlete

    Rinse and repeat, week after week,

    I procrastinate again I hope you can relate my friend

    I'd hate for you to take offence when I just explain events

    It gets tense, Gents, when rent's due, and you've

    Got less pence than you've got sense to

    Get off your arse get a job and make moves

    Set yourself a task get into your groove

    It behooves you to prove you don't lose so

    Remove booze, or whatever stops you moving through a

    Breakthrough, take two if you need, don't miss-

    construe me I'm not trying to preach just to

    Teach you what I can't teach myself I hope I

    Reach you before you're full of doubt I hope I

    Teach you what I can't teach myself so be

    Stout and shout out if you need help

    I preach this; it's no sign of weakness to

    Speak up; don't keep it bottled up bruv

    I preach this; it's no sign of weakness so

    Speak up; don't keep it bottled up one love

  2. I recorded a raw track with this, I would appreciate your permission to share with public for NON-PROFIT, all credit to you and link to your page. Will be on Soundcloud, would love for you to produce I can offer money, name your price. Peace and Blessings!

  3. Amazing track,Iv actually made a track from this (unreleased) Its kinda a different twist from what you would expect,its my 2nd track iv ever actually done,i'd like permission to post it to my soundcloud page please,(it will be free to everyone and anyone) also i realise this is a long shot but perhaps you would like to take a look and maybe produce it for me..for a fee of course. cheers!

  4. joint curled like fetus, dishin out the fish and the bread like jesus, its hard to beleive this, life in the past and its features, feeling we can preach this, feeling far from speechless, a version of the beast in a bath full of leaches, and that sucks but we'd be lost if we couldnt say we didnt give two fucks,

  5. mother fuckers need to wise'n up who they're sizing up before they're dead as a US buck, what the fuck, people keep pushin their luck like a feather off you birds I won't pluck, braise you like a duck, stick a knife in it and carve you up, lets just say I've had enough, of all these pussies talking tough like a high school bitch I call your bluff and like one I'll leave you stuffed…

  6. yo man i got something written to this do you mind if i drop it? its for non profit use and you'd get full recognition for the beat.

  7. Yo man we sent you a video response we used this beat we our not making monies we are just making music hope you like please get back to us 🙂

  8. fiendin for the food in the mood so i might just munch on a shroom, my right foot crunch on the moon, and my bright talk light up the room, im entitled to do what the fuck i wanna do,

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