For The Art – D Smoke

For The Art – D Smoke

Music has always held a special place in my heart. Here’s a peek into my journey and the city that raised me.

#inglewood #ForTheArt

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  1. Fan since the last two years bro keep repping California the west coast just like little ken and your bro bro stay blessed I know if nip was around he would definitely give his blessings and make sure u were heard thru the world but regardless u keep being u and teaching everyone thru music and culture your gift is just being you for the world

    Stay blessed g
    Dj kidone

  2. In this music industry 🤘🏽 Fame and opportunity Is always given to the ones who already have someone in the industry, that's what that competition showed me.
    I'm not blinded by the bullshit that go on in this industry

  3. you're so inspiring please hire amazing marketing team to get your name out there so you can continue to blow up past the momentum of the show wrapping! you have everything the world needs right now!

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