Frank Waln – AbOriginal

Directed by Eli Vazquez
Concept by Dallas Goldtooth
Cinematography by Matt Hoodhood
Edited by Jeff Franko

Filmed on the Rosebud Reservation and in the American Indian Center of Chicago.

“AbOriginal” is available on iTunes, Spotify and all online distributers.

“AbOriginal” Lyrics

Frank Waln
Twitter: @FrankWaln
Download my EP at


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  1. im a bit of lakota but mostly dakota im only 14 and the strugle is real and i never ment for my family to go this way in life i have over 3 jobs and i live in a big city i always lisen to this song when i miss my rez

  2. Celtic and Cherokee descendents get kicked around just as much as you would imagine but no one sees them for what they are so no liberals come to help.

  3. Hi my name is Jason I am a addict I live in Dagenham England I love this new music it’s been a long time coming as a child we use to play cowboys and Indians I all ways chose to be a Indian it just felt right as I grew up I had a close bond with all animals and loved being in Nature I can remember writing a essay in the 2nd year seniors on Native Americans I remember how fascinated I was about the closeness Native Americans are with Mother Nature and the love and respect they have for all the creatures and for each other and the great spirit which gives life and unconditional love every day I have a kindred spirit and I respect your values and your love for gods green earth we need to stand together and address what governments and corporations are doing to our beautiful planet as she can only take so much it pains me to see the abuse of this earth and all Natives and animals something must be done

  4. I would live to support my nation youth and tribes also my native Americans that shown me much loyalty and respect. I am the king of earth and lands. I hold power to my feet. Im a ghost to this world. I've been wanting to visit all my warriors that are truly fighting Nd protecting these lands that we are all keeping healthy. I'm always watching with my spirit my brother… heart holds mother earth and my philosophy is wise with all origins story about all 4 worlds……I'm here brother…….I hope to my head and toes…

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