Free – Be My Friend

Outtake from German TV.


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  1. I jumped in the van for the 1hr long ride back to the Novotel. I’m not sure what night it was, but it was about 2 weeks ago?…

    I decided to put my noise cancellers on, and play some tunes. This tune came on randomly. I started crying. It was weird and uncontrollable. Not burst out crying… just subtle tears. The joy and pain I felt were quite strong and unexpected.

    This is the ‘best’ clip I can find on youtube. There are others but the sound and vision don’t match.

  2. I use to love them long ago and now I even appreciate more than ever ,I was a kid then and now I', a musician so I understand more about music .The emptiness filled with total soul -feeling ,each one playing incredible and the voice of Paul touching the heartstring deeply down .I'm lucky I enjoyed them and still I do , these days it's difficult to meet such a band.Kossoff "less is more" style ,fantastic,the bass groove ,amazing ,the drummer sense of "how to play in a band and how to play this song" is now forgotten .Thanks a lot .

  3. So many beautiful comments on here. So inspired to be in the company of like minded lovers of the most amazing blues, rock music. This band stroked my soul. So honoured & privileged to have loved them.

  4. The legendary Free. This is a very fine performance from this astoundingly good rock band , one of the greatest rock bands to spring out from the UK. I shall give this a very big like !

  5. I was around in 1970, and was always more impressed with Fraser's bass work. Kossoff, while no shredder, could come up with the most simple, yet souful and creative 6-string parts.

  6. I've got most of the classic Free albums on CD, but the one closest to my heart is Heartbreaker which I bought on Vinyl in 72 when it was released. This track has much of the same vibe great Rhythm section and Kossof's spare but oh so emotional playing. AS for the vocals… All those breathy voiced boy bands and girl singers really need to listen to understand how to convey emotion without screechy R&B diva warbling or whiny little boy imploring.

  7. The first band I ever got into, absolutely loved them and still do 46 years on. I never got to see free live but did see back street crawler and bad company. This is timeless music, not artificially put together, just four incredible talents getting together and making magic sounds. Thank you guys….

  8. I had a Gibson EB3 in the 70's. I knew the bass guy was playing one, just by the tone.
    And damn – the singer from Almost Famous could play Rogers in a movie! He has the moves down – just add hair and makeup.

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