(French Hardcore Rap) Kaaris – Zoo

RAP from suburb of Paris, district : 93. city : Sevran
Clothes : UNKUT, creator : BOOBA, an other singer


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Comment (21)

  1. Rough translation

    Verse 1]

    I have no pain, I fuck your race

    In the veins I have nothing but ice

    I want to know what it feels like to take their place

    I'm practicing smiling in front of mirror

    The capital in the barrel

    Everything is happening in Colombia, Akhe

    I rap dirty, so rotten

    That even those fucking rats get diarrhea

    I fuck Brandon and Dylan

    If those fags are going to burn with napalm, I want the palm

    I don't give a fuck of who die

    I soak my cookies in your tears



    The monkeys just got out of the zoo

    Armed like in the Clos era

    The angel of death in the skin

    The monkeys just got out of the zoo

    Your corpse behind a few blocks

    The blood is thicker than water

    Armed like in the Clos era

    The monkeys just got out of the zoo


    [Verse 2]

    Hunted but not domesticated

    My vocation: to rob you and watch you polish it

    I'm renting you out, you're pimped out, I'm gonna have to fuck you up

    You're spinning, you're slammed, you'll have to explain to me

    In pants, a few extra bars

    Crosswise, goal of the future, I put it right in your head

    Your mother the dirty slut, it's too late for Chahed

    Just because you don't play anymore doesn't mean the game stops

    It smells like sweat in the lab, Trackers under the hood

    One hundred bullets in all robs

    Aiming for the heart of all these faggots

    3.2 v6 6.6.6 #Iblis, I am one of those niggers who persist, and the darkness clears




    [Verse 3]

    Only the strings on your thong support you

    I fuck you and the sheets remember that

    Big arms for Kadiatou to come

    Make me a fried rice or dien Tiebou

    The room is big enough for many bitches

    The torso is wide enough for several chains

    In the white world, the tickets are purple

    The dominant animal here is a bald black man

    A few grams per day in the nose

    Men lie but not the numbers

    The name of a dead man tattooed on the skin

    The monkeys just got out of the zoo

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