Friday Fire Cypher: Oswin Benjamin, Kay Shine and DNA Raise the Bar Higher | Sway’s Universe

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  1. First time hearing Oswin and wow. I was just wondering yesterday why we never hear real shit. Even the “Debo” of the block has been degraded and humiliated in their life. It’s just most rappers never own up to it. So when it comes around, it comes of as legitimate to the public…then they get famous, become even more narcissistic and get padded with a bunch of useless material shit and their bars suffer because of it.

  2. The 44 who dis liked it is these mumble rappers fans. This shit is straight fire its fucking insane what these guys just did i wish more people would appreciate the work these guys have put into this. Really dope

  3. Yea Oswin was on fire… definitely up and coming… put my boy Jeff Turner on, nigga is for real…if you don’t know who he is do your research.

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