Biography of The Funky 4+1. Based on interviews with the Funky 4 members and other Foundation era Mc’s, Dj’s and members of the Hip Hop community – conducted by JayQuan & Troy L. Smith. Narrated, produced and edited by JayQuan.


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  1. Growing up a hip hop head & Dj , I thought I knew a lot of the oldschool but your page sheds light on things I missed on. Big up , I just had to subscribe.

  2. I feel sorry for the groups back then they opened the door they dont get enough credit recognition and money salute to the pioneers and legends

  3. Loving this one thanks for sharing this one was telling my friends and family about this one been years so many people that they had the first female mc a game changer that made everyone pay attention to hip hop

  4. DMC from Run DMC said that Sha-Rock was the first emcee that he ever heard use an echo chamber on a mix tape. He said that Sha-Rock had a huge influence on him and that you can hear the influence in songs like "together forever" and "run's house".

  5. amazing video hip hop really use to be so dope and positive back in the day unlike today's so called rap music that do nothing but degrade themselves and black people 24/7 and constantly disrespect the pioneers of hip hop. I can't stand today's so called hip hop at all is not even hip hop is pop even the beats of today's is very digital and artificial sounded it doesn't have the warmth and rawness like it had way back then everyone nowadays rely beats on a computer is sad.

  6. I really liked your vid and must say I see Keith Keith from time to time I have him as a costumer on my NYC transit bus he looks the same and we Convo about his time and the hip hop industry I wish they can get together again to build new memories!

  7. Love it! I know all of them, and the story is spot on. As a foot note, the only thing I would say is missing is Rodney's connection to then rapper Angie B (now R&B star Angie Stone). Angie and Rodney actually were married back then, and here married last name Stone comes from Rodney. I love the series, keep it coming! I'm a bit of a storyteller myself. Check out a piece a did for KRS ONE years ago for the release of his album Spiritual Minded. It documents the journey and growth from his first album Criminal Minded.

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