Funky 4+1 – That's The Joint Bass Cover

Funky 4+1 – That's The Joint Bass Cover

Hey! This video is a cover of a great feel-good hip-hop song by Funky 4+1, I absolutely love it! Basically in this video I’m just having a lot of fun, playing along and improvsing with the bassline, so I hope you enjoy it! Sorry for the mess-ups, thanks for watching!

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  1. How Would You Like To Meet Them and Play A Bassline On Stage?
    Contact Me… Were Doing A The Team Fearless Honors June 28th, 2014 @Mason Hall NYC…. Get In Touch With Me…

  2. Ha! Well my brother showed me the song at first, but i really got into listening to funk music through rhcp and flea. I like the old school thump bass style too though, need to listen to more of it! thanks for watching 🙂

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