Funky Four + 1 – King Heroin

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  1. @rotheshep It's not the same DJ jazzy jeff as the one of Fresh Prince or Philadelphia Hip Hop/neo soul fame. In fact DJ Jazzy Jeff was sued by the Funky 4 Jeff when he got signed to Jive for stealing his name. I think he failed obviously.

  2. @bayareamayne Method Man?? Don't want to add to your misery, but really? method man? meth would've been aboout 9 or 10yrs old when this came out!! Listen to the music man, look at the clothes, the afros, logic shoulda told you it couldn't possibly be Meth's era???

  3. @Musicvegan58 You are absolutely right. Even Grandmaster Flash & the Furious 5 had a band. Sampling machines didn't become popular until the mid 80's. There was a "form of sampling" with turn tables, but that's not what we are talking about…

  4. Man this stuff takes me way back. I remember it just like yesterday. Rockin the party in the Audobon. i'm still doing it though, come chck out my page.


  5. Basically I was using a modern term to describe an action from the past. For instance when somebody was making a joke about your/my mother or you in the 50s it was called "The dozens" now a days it is known as snapping or snaps or ranking or whatever term is used in that geographical location. Now just because it wasnt called a snap in the 50s, doesnt mean we in these days and times cant refer to it today as one, because there was no "snaps" in the 50s. Same logic.

  6. When you speak of a sample you speak of a "Piece" or "taste" of something not the whole thing, thus when Rap cats would use R&B beats, Pianos, Trumpets, Basslines,Choruses or any part of another song it was called a sample. It didnt literally mean using SP 12.

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