G Herbo on Chicago, Chief Keef, 6IX9INE, drill, 4 Minutes of Hell – Westwood

G Herbo speaks to Westwood on Capital XTRA about Chicago, Chief Keef, drill, 6IX9INE, 4 Minutes of Hell series, Who Run It, new music, Juice WRLD & much more!

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  1. Fuckin lil bitch lips g herbo think he a king now???? Ohh so u big now boi?? U got out the hood sold ur soul for that dhit snd u striving in riches and u a king???? U a Bitchhhhhhhh with a capitol fuckin B nigga those peasant niggas were u fuckin dummy when ur broke ass nigga ass was in the fuckin streets no energy low fuckin eyes tweakin allllllll night at the fuckin bum house sleeping on the floor fuck this fuckin fagget he aint no king he worst than a fuckin peasont he a lost soul bro frr frr!!!😤😤💯

  2. Stfuuu with ur fuckin satanic sold poor soul ass nigas fucki. Saying blessing blessing blessing we fuckin get it u guys sold ur soul u guys are balling u guys are blessed stfuuuu before i go smack the bitch out chu pussy ass niggas

  3. This is why I mess with ya boy. He knows how to do good interviews and sounds like he's generally interested in the person he is interviewing… Throws in jokes and fun facts I'll always fool with this channel on the strength of being real and for having such a long and strong career. Keep going my G

  4. So no one gonna comment on g herbo jaw geekin like he done did a teener of London's best white girl I still fucks with his music tho and preaching facts

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