Gary Clark Jr. And The Roots – This Land (Remix) [feat. Black Thought]

Gary Clark Jr. And The Roots – This Land (Remix) [feat. Black Thought]

Gary Clark Jr. and the Roots – “This Land (Remix) [From The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon] [feat. Black Thought] Stream now at

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  1. This is explains why he performed this song so mellow in live shows. Always felt This Land is a song that should jam, it does that in this performance! 🍻

  2. quelle putain de version!!! pure génie!!! miam miam!! je le mange à la petite cuillère!!! thanks dudes!!! 🤘😵🤘

    mais les humbuckers de cette magnifique widesky p125 ne manquent-ils pas de "pêche"?

  3. I felt my heart in the first or original version. I much like the first better. Maybe a remix with a different band on another song maybe? This one needed to stay original.

  4. Man, I like this version even more than the original. Such a thicker sound. I remember when the album came out last year, I showed this song to my Granny and she got emotional and then was like "You tell them, Gary!" And I asked what was going on? And she had these flashbacks of being in South and how they did "niggers" and it's like what Gary said. "Fuck you, I'm America's son!" I'm born and raised in Columbus, Georgia and the racism was so bad, there were black people who were racist to other black people. The lady two houses down from my Dad was that way and she herself was black…
    "Go home, nigger" sprayed on the fence, on the cars, dog excrement put in our mailbox, Confederate Flags thrown on our property…this was a regular occurrence.

    Of course if this was on the Tonight Show, Gary couldn't say "Nigger run, nigger run." But, something that kinda bothered me was when I saw him here in this predominantly white college town I live in now in Missouri, in unison, all the white people sang "nigger run, nigger run!" And at that point I was confused but then I realized it wasn't in malice…however, this and Come Together seemed to be the only songs the crowd knew by him…it was eerie. Either way, we're all America's children! THIS LAND IS OURS! Go Gary! And I hope you sweep every category you're nominated in at the Grammys this Sunday!

  5. That's an excellent interpolation of the horn line from Sharon Jones' version of "This Land Is Our Land," especially since The Roots' horn section are members of the Daptones

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