Genocide – Made in Bosnia [Classified Intelligence LP]

New Genocide Album “The Burial Ground” [2015]
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Genocide – Made in Bosnia on iTunes @
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Genocide – Classified Intelligence on Spotify @

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Genocide on Facebook:!/profile.php?id=589355083 :: Junior Makhno on Facebook:!/profile.php?id=556048385 :: “Classified Intelligence is an Underground Collective which consists of [MC] Genocide – Bosnia [Beat Maker] Junior Makhno – France & [DJ] DJ Trickalome – UK !! The Debut Intel Album Drops 26th July 2011 and Features Guest appearances from Vinnie Paz, Redlight Boogie, Mareko + Many More. Get your copy at:


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Comment (48)

  1. Prve stvari kad je poceo izbacivat vidim ja ovo bogamii ide ka dobro
    Sad momak ubi ima flo bas dobar svidjami se sve ne samo flo
    Samo tako brate nas

  2. Genocide, keep it up bro. My man straight speaking truth. I can relate my dude. I fuck around and rap on the side and always wanted to record a song about the bosnian war and bosna. Much love bro. Love your shit. Never stop and keep it up, you're a beast

  3. kako je ovo moguce dislajkat????? prvi put cujem stvar al sam jos u soku koliko je dobro!!!! JEEEEEBOOOOTEEEEE…… MA SVAKA CAST.

  4. Oh my god I've just noticed this artist today every song is better than the last one watt a beat and the message loving it man blasting it

  5. Djte se zalit cetniki pa srbi pa to, a bili smo velesila, pa so nas skregal da ne bili eno ljudstvo, k bi krojilo usodo vsega sveta…..

  6. also learn to spell, and N***a is an offensive and racist word to black people, as a white person that word is not part of your culture so leave it alone, did you even listen to the message of this song or are you just a brain dead gangsta wannabe, wake the fuck up to the world of shadows around you

  7. i know some of them, some had to carry out missions because lives of their families were on line, some have taken their own lives because its not something they wanted to do, what would you do for the ones closest to you, it was the same in many cases on Bosnian and Croatian sides, have to understand that your 3 presidents created that war with nato for a lot of money and few other things, some of the most brutal soldiers on all 3 sides were so convinced and programmed to think killing was right

  8. Everybody who is screamin like "FUCK SERBS" "FUCK SERBIA" are fake fans. Genocide on his own said that he doesnt hate serbs, but he hates the people responsible for the war.

  9. nisu nikad bili i nece nikad biti??
    o cemu ti to??
    pa ljudi koji zive u bosni se zovu bosanci.
    znaci da ima 4,5 mio bosanaca plus 2 mio u dijaspori.

  10. u mad ?! i hope someone will come and beat you thousand times in your little ***** !! and then torture you slowly and painful,you fucking cetnik !!

  11. Peace not war. America helped no body, except themselves. People fought their friends and families because life and death is not chosen it's taken. Don't speak on the behalf of people whose shoes you can and will never be in. Krv Svoju za Bosnu moju.

  12. …it was politician war not peoples ,but people were too dumb to think for themselves thats why they fought their brothers and sisters…young people here are trying to build peace not fucking hate like u see in the media,fuck religion ,every fucking religion is bullshit…we need peace

  13. what about usa backed al quaida mujahadins who fought at bosnian side and commited some horror astrocities against serbian people too….u should concentrate to peace not fucking hate…and ofcourse u escaped to usa while we stayed here in this post horror countries that are left behing yugoslavia…

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