Get Mashed Up – Redzer, Siyo, Nugget, Steenson & Terawrizt (Music Video)

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Get Mashed Up – Redzer, Siyo, Nugget, Steenson & Terawrizt

Filmed & Edited by Jebus

Lifted From DFI Mixtape Volume 1
Hosted by Ireland’s Finest DJ Mo-K


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  2. Fuckn excellent lads 👍👍👍 urban irrelevants??? That's bad form 😂😂😂😂 said I'd give em a like tho 😉 who's going to say anything about me so I can dis the bolox out of em and shoot em with my glock? P19 is a coming lads ye know me so wait for it. Some real gun toting cunts from limerick shitty 😂😂😂😂 peace gangstas 😈😈😈

  3. This is good, Why are so many fucking people hating on the track. How the fuck is our scene ever going to grow with little pricks like @DanielCarroll

  4. Keep embarrassing yourself pal. I'm sure all the boys around Clondlakin love laughing at your Tayto Tiesto remixes. Your profiler is you licking your mates arse. Enough said.

  5. I used the words foremost authority on words and got this "Sorry, no results for “argumental” in the Collins English Dictionary." Point proven its not a word. Secondly you may not be aware of this but i'm not texting you at all. I'm replying to comments you're making on one of my videos. Now i'll gladly stop that if you stop making stupid generalisations about me and making up words andplease stick to making shite trance mixes and having a crap haircut. (i said please)

  6. I'm one of the people on this song. So by making judgements on the people on it you make judgement on me. This song isn't a song about not having a chance its the exact opposite so why say it? Thats like going onto a video of Man United to complain about diving in the Italian league. Just accept you're fighting a losing argument. And by the way argumental isn't a word so stop saying it at the end, its not very intelligent. hahaha

  7. ''Us''? Who the fuck are you, even? If I wanted to judge you I'd message you. I'm talking about Irish rappers and/or rappers in general singing about never having a bleeding chance. And by the way stop repeating what I say at the end, it's not very argumental. hahaha

  8. Feedback? Your feedback was about us talking about hardships? Where on this song is there anything about hardship? Where did anyone say they didnt have jobs or dont get chances in life? Your feedback made no sense, it just talked about stuff that we didnt say. If you don't like the song thats grand. But why make up stuff just to complain about it? Telling people to get a job when you've no idea wht they do for a living is absuive in my book. End of.

  9. I'm not your buddy, pal. If you feel the need the to go onto videos you don't like just to leave absuive comments your life must be pretty fulfilling.

  10. Nobody on this song is talking about hardships? Nobody complains they dont get chances either? Get a job? Get the fucking chip off your shoulder pal. Ya dont like it dont watch simple as.

  11. Jesus christ. Americans can barely rap as it is. Give it up seriously, if you're worried about 'hard-ships' in life then stop fucking rapping about it and get a fucking job. Stop complaining that you don't get chances in life, you've to make your own.

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